Public program

The public program of exhibition "Power" is curated by Centre for Semiotic Applications in collaboration with Tallinn European Green Capital 2023. The program takes place September 8, 9 and 24 in Kadriorg Park and Art Museum.



5pm – opening of exhibition "Power"

Opening reception of exhibition "Power" and tour with curator Reet Varblane and artists

No registration needed.



12:00 – talk "Is the parasite a victim or a king?"

Sara Bédard-Goulet, research Fellow in Romance Studies at the University of Tartu and artists Flo Kasearu and Elīna Vītola.

While usually, it's the curator who asks the artists about their work and worldview, then in this talk the artists ask Sara Bédard-Goulet, the research fellow at the Romance studies, questions related to their work "Sicker".

Sara, Flo and Elīna will talk about parasitism in the art world and in elsewhere. Some of the topics they will will discuss include migration, resettlement (both for sculptures and people), invasive species, the ethics of population control, conservation (and the controversy it might create), the impact and meaning of art spaces. And how it all effects how meaning is created. Parasitism and issues of power in art and research will be also under discussion.

The talk takes place at the Kadriorg Art Museum

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14:00 Semiotic Walk in The Maze of Green Power

Space semiotician Tiit Remm, biosemiotician Riin Magnus and arstist Ulla Juske.

A guided walk, during which we analyze how artists have reflected the power relations between humans and other species and how the park itself plays a role in their interpretation. We will also look at Kadriorg Park as a joint creation of humans and other species and how human favouring and control activities have shaped it throughout time. Through the artworks, you are directed to notice current interpretations and viewpoints related to the maze of different species and power relations in Kadrioru Park as a living exhibition space.

The walk takes place at exhibition "Power", with a starting point at the Information Point of Kadriorg Park.

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15:30 Literary Walk in The Labyrinths of Power in Kadriorg

Literary scholars Ene-Reet Soovik, Elle-Mari Talivee and Kadri Tüür.

Literary walk in Kadriorg Park. We start at the Juhan Viiding memorial bench and walk down the bank of Lasnamäe. We are talking about literature and art in public space and the interweaving of all this with power. We will touch upon writers such as A.H. Tammsaare and E. Vilde; the statues "Vidri Rein" and Alatskivi Apollo, Mudist's "Kodumaa" and Adamson's "Russalka"; and talk about Kadriorg residents Jaans, Johanneses and Juhans.   

The walk will take place in Kadriorg Park, with a starting point at Juhan Viiding memorial bench.

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13:00 Talk "Who is urban space for? Patterns of Gender and Power in the City"

Communication specialist Barbi Pilvre and Nighttime Adviser of Tallinn Natalie Mets

Talk will take place in Kadriorg Art Museum

Gender as a dimension, invisible at first glance, can be observed everywhere. Urban planning of public areas – parks, recreational areas, access to the forest – affect the democracy of urban space from a gender perspective. The organizers of urban life, often without bad intentions or by default, prioritize the interests of one or another social group. This leads to comfort for some and discomfort, lack of access or even prohibition to other social groups. The way in which the services are aimed at the target groups also gives them status; and status is known to be the use of power. 

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14:30 Lecture and discussion “Multispecies City"

Ecosemiotician and poet Timo Maran

The lecture introduces the concept of a multispecies city - urban environment as the space where animal and plant species find a habitat and establish relationships with each other. From the perspective of semiotics, new meanings, aesthetics and meaningfulness are born from the encounters of different species. These connections makes the living environment of the city more valuable. A multi-species city is also directly related to the issue of power: what are the opportunities for species to participate in the development of the environment? How to understand and represent their interests? The lecture will be followed by informal discussion.

Talk will take place in Kadriorg Art Museum

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