Wheel of Power

Marje Taska, installed by Reinhold Rutks

Kadrioru pargis on kuraatorite teatepulk võtnud kuue vikatiga võimu ratta kuju. Vikatite peal on võimu kuritarvitajate nimed: – Putin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Tšingis–khaan ja mr X. Võtmelause on: „Küll ma su kätte saan!“ Aga et kõik vikatid on sama ratta küljes, siis on püüdmine mõttetu tegevus ja kättesaamine võimatu. Siin avaldub negatiivse võimu absurdne külg: elades samal planeedil, peaksid võimu esindajad mõtlema kaugemale omakasust, sest pole mõtet ju saagida oksa, millel istutakse.

Marje Taska

A Cup


The flagship of the Russian Navy, "Moscow", is on the bottom of the Black Sea. This is where it belongs to. My model of the ship is still floating in the toilet.

Jüri Ojaver

Slightly Twisted


Like a needle with a thread of light, the audience is invited to seize power, play and fight. Like a naive game for two or a dance for one. The layers refract, reflect and mirror the pattern you make. Afterwards, take a few steps back and see what has emerged!

Jonas Johansson

Sad Princess

Musical composition „Sad Princess“ by Raimo Kangro

An artificial cave, a grotto, resonating with Baroque harpsichord sounds, invigorates the landforms of Kadriorg Park. In the tradition of manor parks a grotto is a symbol of elite culture like artificial ruins and fountains in the gardens of buildings that represent power. As such, the grotto brings power also into the relation between people and nature: in creating new landforms man declares his ability to create a new world as a demiurge of power. 

Britta Benno

Power of Protection


Protection, caretaking is one of the expressions of power. Overprotection is as bad as negligence. Power is responsibility.

Fideelia Signe Roots

What is the age of consent to talk about Pipi


In which age are we in consent to read about the self-harm in the desert of the real? Is the Luunja cucumber part of cannon folklore or is it representative of non-reproductive viking literature canon? How can one opt out from both? Is Pipi’s patriarchy truly an organic heirloom?


Bronze, monument

We erected statues, monuments of greatness and glory, commemorating war, victories over others – “bloodsucking parasites” – like there was any victoriesto begin with! Only loss, on either end. We carried accomplishments like badges, pierced through our chests; the powerfulness of an individual seemingly more important than our communities.
That’s sick.

Remi Vesala

Secure Eternity


The stone sculptures remind of petrified, mutated security cameras. Their original aesthetics can be observed in the park; they have become eternal, admired objects. 

Kirke Kangro

Karma. The Next Generation


Years ago, I got an axolotl as a pet, now I have two of them: Albi and Koll. Albi and Koll feed on earthworms. I dig worms in garden three times a week. Then I go to the water tank, lift the earthworms with pincers and sacrifice them to my two characters. 

Earlier, I had no appreciation of earthworms, I actually didn't pay much attention to them. Now I admire them. I dream of them becoming the next permanent residents of my home. This vision fills my future with hope and admiration. I socialised with my earthworm friends under the microscope, we were staring into each other's eyes. Like wolves for the Indians, earthworms are my holy sacrificial animals.

One night I'll wake up and walk into a living room that is noisy and littered: three giant mutant earthworms will have taken over the dining table, the table sags, graceful bodies on chairs, axolotl limbs for hands and legs. I'll take a seat as a guest alongside them.

Madlen Hirtentreu

Peeing Woman

2005, 2022-2023
Metal, styrofoam, clay, polyester resin 

„Peeing Woman“ was completed in 2005 on Jüri Ojaver's course in the tunnel of the Viru Centre. The premise for the creative task was public space and tunnel. I made her of clay, and she held out victoriously for five days until her 'city permit' ran out. By that time she had endured a syringe stab in a breast, a sneaker print on the face, etc. Bypassers were able to show their power over her and it was okay. My idea was to comment on the smell of pee in the tunnel and the advantage men have of being able to urinate in a public space. 
In 2022, I had another chance to create „Peeing Woman“, for the Kumu exhibition „The 2000s in Estonian Art“. The idea was born in 2005 and I recreated it in 2022-2023. 

Edith Karlson

I scream, you scream


„I Scream, You Scream! is a site specific installation that takes its title from a scene from the Jim Jarmusch film „Down by Law“ in which the three main characters meet by chance in a detention facility and start chanting spontaneously. 

With the help of inflated objects, the work visualises a soft distortion that the perception of the Apollo Belveder has suffered, located on a grass lawn near Kumu. Until the XIX century this sculpture was considered as the embodiment of canonic beauty and a symbol of art, now it is perceived as a marginal decorative object.

The installation urges the viewer to think about the complicated relations between symbolic power and real power in the art world.

Raul Keller

A Border Pole

A border pole, recycled scrap steel

When the renovation of the Noblessner port and shipyard started I dragged into my studio a border pole that had been left over from the wreckage work. Iron reinforcement had broken through the concrete like spring grass through cracks in asphalt. Nature doesn't recognise the borders set by man and the slowly unfolding resistance disintegrates all forms that humans have forced upon it.

Urmas Lüüs

Tanja Muravskaja
Kõrgeim võim

HD video, 10’ 28’’
President Kersti Kaljulaidi mõtisklus teemal, mis on võim ja kuidas täita see targa vaimuga, et sinna tuleks vägi.
„Võim ei ole midagi muud kui vastutus,“ alustab esimene ja siiani Eesti ainuke naissoost president Kersti Kaljulaid võimu mõiste avamist. Tema sõnavõtt on hea näide Eesti Vabariigi kodaniku praegusaegsest mõtlemisest postpandeemia ning Venemaa Ukraina vastase sõja ajal.

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